Safe wasp removal on the Sunshine Coast

Our homes provide many perfect places for wasps to build a nest.

Under the eaves, behind gutters, tucked amongst a pergola, or even in the roof space if they have access; our homes and gardens provide plenty of food and shelter for a wasp colony to thrive.

Wasps are often confused with bees, however they are quite different. Bees are pollenators whereas wasps are predators; wasps also tend to be more aggressive.

Wasp stings are painful and in some people, can cause life-threatening anaphylaxis, so immediate wasp nest treatment and removal is essential.

If you are experiencing a high number of wasps around your home, there is probably a nest nearby. If you discover a wasp nest, though it is tempting to try and eradicate it yourself, it is recommended that you use a professional pest control expert to manage the nest. If the wasps feel threatened, they may become aggressive, stinging you many times to protect their nest and young.

On finding a nest, keep children away, close windows and doors, remove any sweet and sticky food and store it securely, and ensure your garbage is secure and locked.

Your Run Away Bugs pest control technician has the expertise to safely and quickly control the wasp nest, treating the nest and nesting wasps.