Run Away Bugs remove spiders on the Sunshine Coast

There are approximately 2,900 species of spider in Australia.

These range from the everyday daddy long legs to the venomous and highly dangerous funnel web.

Each species has its own preferred hiding place. Some spiders like moisture and can be found in basements, crawl spaces, and other damp areas of the house; others prefer dry, dark, warm areas such as air vents and upper corners of attics.

Spiders feed on other insects that they either catch in their web or hunt. Some even steal food from other spiders!

Spiders lay their eggs in sacs, usually up to 100 eggs in each. Look for white silken sacs around the house and garden.

Garden spiders, as their name suggests, can be found outdoors, often in webs, which they use to catch food. Garden spiders aren’t aggressive, but could bite if provoked.

Some species of spider will bite humans, which need immediate medical attention, therefore treating any spider infestation promptly with professional pest control is highly recommended. Watch particularly for redback spiders (named for the red markings on its back), funnel-web spiders, trap-door spiders and white-tail spiders.

Though Australian spiders have a fearsome reputation across the globe, Australian bees are actually more dangerous.