Run Away Bugs providing pest control for bedbugs

Bedbugs are small parasitic insects that are incredibly hard to find.

Despite their name, bedbugs never sleep, and can turn up in your home without any warning. Bedbugs can travel with people once they leave an infestation, and the latest statistics suggest that up to 1 in 10 tourists have come across bedbugs whilst travelling in Australia.

On first visit, our technician will examine your entire home, including beds, furniture, rugs and linens, looking for signs of bedbugs that include: live or dead bedbugs, small spots of reddish-black droppings, tiny cream coloured eggs often found in dark crevices.

Following the inspection, your Run Away Bugs Pest Control technician will recommend a treatment plan. The treatment targets bedbugs and bedbug larvae, eradicating the risk of them growing into mature, breeding, biting, disease-carrying adults. Treatment can take 3-4 visits. Because early detection and control is critical, following any bedbug treatment a Run Away Bugs technician will periodically monitor your home to ensure any potential infestation is always stopped early.