What do I need to do prior to a pest control treatment?

Your technician will need access to skirting boards and room edges, so before any pest control treatment tidy away any articles such as toys, books, clothing from the floor. There is no need to empty kitchen cupboards, we do not use liquids in those areas.
Prior to a flea treatment, your Run Away Bugs pest control technician might ask you to vacuum carpets and mop hard floors.

Should I leave the premises whilst you spray?

We do recommend that you vacate the premises whilst the spraying is in process and for up to two hours afterwards. For the treatment to be most effective it is best to allow it to dry completely before any foot traffic comes into contact with the treated areas.

Do I need to do anything once you have finished?

We recommend that you ventilate the house for up to 3 hours and avoid touching the sprayed areas whilst they are still wet. If you do have contact with the products whilst they are wet, simply wash with soap and water.

Are the products safe?

Absolutely, they are safe for humans and pets. The products are not strong enough to stain carpets or floors, or contaminate your food, and there is no need to wash surfaces or utensils after treatment.

Why do the technicians wear safety clothing?

Because our pest control technicians are exposed to the sprays on a daily basis, and for many years, we ask that all staff use protective clothing. Though the chemicals are completely safe for you and your pets, they are still chemicals and continual contact and inhalation isn't advised.

How often should I have a pest inspection done?

We recommend that you have your property inspected for pests regularly, every 12 months. If you have had a serious infestation, your Run Away Bugs technician might recommend shorter intervals to ensure the pests are completely eradicated.