Cockroaches in Coolum Beach!

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Cockroaches in Coolum Beach

To most of us, cockroaches all look the same. Their shiny backs, scuttling in the shadows is something that can set anyone's skin crawling. And let's not get started on the flying ones!

Having any insect infestation inside the home is never nice, but there is something about cockroaches that sets them at the top of the pest's most hated list, and unfortunately we've all had to deal with them at some point. But are they all really the same?

There are over 3,000 various species of cockroaches here in Australia. Many species such as the Giant Burrowing Cockroach and the Speckled Cockroach aren’t pests, living underground and providing a food source for reptiles. Some species, however, are considered one of the leading pests in Australian homes.

There are five main species of cockroach that might invade your home:

German cockroach:

Measuring 5-10mm in length and brown in colour, the German cockroach is the most common cockroach to be found.

American cockroach:

Measuring 30-35mm in length and reddish brown in colour, the wings are fully developed in adults.

Oriental cockroach:

Measuring 20-24mm, shiny, dark brown to black in colour, the wings of the male usually cover up to two-thirds of the abdomen whereas the female wings are smaller. This species cannot climb.

Australian cockroach:

Measuring 30-35mm in length, reddish brown in colour with a pale yellow stripe on its wings. Wings are fully developed in both female and males.

Smoky Brown cockroach:

Measuring 30-35mm in length, shiny brownish-black, with fully developed wings in both males and females.

Though the Sunshine Coast isn’t as prone to cockroaches as many other areas of Australia, our homes are still the perfect place for many pest cockroaches to venture into, particularly as we head into the colder months. Most cockroaches can spread disease and because they target food preparation and storage areas they should be treated immediately. Clear away any source of food and block any access points such as cracks and crevices in the kitchen and exterior walls.

Some over-the-counter pest control treatments will keep them at bay, but to eradicate both adults and nymphs of the particular species in your home, professional pest control treatment is always recommended.