Stay pest-free this winter

by Super User
Domestic pests in winter

As we head into winter, many households on the Sunshine Coast breathe a sigh of relief as it also signals the end of the mosquito season. However, as the evenings get colder, this change in season brings with it a different type of pest to our doors.

Searching for somewhere warm to sleep, as well as widening the search for food, rodents begin to appear in greater numbers inside the home in the winter months. Ceiling insulation is the perfect place for rats and mice to hide, as well as the warm corners behind the refrigerator, or inside wall cavities. And often you don’t discover them until the smell from their droppings becomes noticeable.

But what can we do to protect our home?

Seal any cracks

Rats and mice have incredibly flexible bones, allowing them to squeeze through seemingly impossible holes. A mouse can fit through a hole the size of a pencil and a rat can squeeze through a hole the width of a finger. Look for gaps or holes inside and outside your home and block them securely with steel wool held in place with caulk.

Places to check include: under kitchen cabinets, around doors, around pipes, under sinks, behind appliances, in the attic and crawl space, around windows and doors, and around electrical and plumbing lines.

Keep things clean

Rodents not only come into our homes for shelter, they are also searching for food. Keep any food scraps tidied away, ensure pet food is sealed and don’t keep dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Avoid having clutter around the house so floors can be readily swept and vacuumed to also ensure you don’t have any unwelcome guests this winter.

Clear the perimeter

Keeping a clear area around the exterior of your house removes any sheltered paths that can lead cockroaches and rodents into your home. Remove dense vegetation, trim trees and store any firewood away from the walls. Also, fix any dripping garden taps to take away any possible water source that can bring pests closer to being inside.

If you do find a rodent in your home, there are several over-the-counter baits you can try. Alternatively, call a professional pest control technician who can quickly and easily remove the pest problem and work with you to inspect your home to ensure they don’t return.